LOGOGROUP - a diversified company located in Belarus.


We manufacture automotive control units and offer a complete line of electronics for the automotive LPG/CNG equipment. We produce gas injection control units for LPG/CNG. It is a reliable and modern technology, besides having a competitive price.

Other producers

We also offer to sell products of other manufacturing LPG/CNG equipment.

Wiring harnesses

We provide contract manufacturing: wiring harnesses, plastic products, rubber products

Automotive connectors

We also sell products developed by us and used in its production: the case for the electronic units, automotive connectors.


ECU LPG/CNG for sale

ECU LOGO Smart-07

Designed for installation on 4-cylinder engines.
It has all the necessary functions to fine-tune any current injector for gas. Is reliable.
Sell promotion - just $ 85!
Download: instructions for installation (ENGL.), the installation program
Read a report about the Smart-07 here (
text in Russian).




Injectors FH02

Available in: line 4 pcs. The line of 3 pcs.
Fuel: CNG / LPG, Voltage: 12V
Operating pressure: 0,5-2,5 bar maximum pressure: 4,5 bar
Opening / Closing: 3.0 msec/2.5 msec
Impedance: 3 Ohm ± 4%;
Temperature (° C): -30 / +120 GAS
Certification: ECE 67R-01 0953, ECE 110R-00 0040
Sell at a good price - $ 25!


Filter FLPG25/FCNG25

Made of special alloy plastics, characterized by high strength. Plastic filter can withstand the operating range of -20 degrees Celsius to + 120.

More about filter here.

Sell at a good price - $ 1.7!

 Logogaz 70010 - форсунки для газового оборудования

Reducer VR-L Type “Standard”

The “Standard” reducer is fitted with LPG Solenoid so the valve does not need to be insalled separatly in the circut

More about reducer here

Sell at a good price - $ 49!


  Additional information is available from the specialized sections of the website or by contacting us.